A Method for Enhanced Brain New Abrasion Segmentation

Veeresh Basavaraj Hatti, Mr. B. Mohan Reddy


Brain tumor is these days increased major disease among children and adults. A tumor is a mass of tissue which rises out of control of the normal forced that controls growth. If there is more number of tumors in the human brain they are identified as abrasions. Brain Abrasion is a damaged part of Brain where damage may take place due to injury or disease. Though it occurs in rare cases, it is a life threatening disease. Here MRI image processing has been employed for identifying the brain abrasions automatically. Procedure of separating the doubtful part from the background MRI images is known as segmentation. The extremely complex is in pointing and detecting the abrasions. On finding the intensity point distinction between healthy tissue and tumor, abrasion part can be detected. The main plan of this effort is to design an automated tool for the detection of brain abrasions. We proceed based on the concept of identifying the brain part in which abrasion in present by fragmentation and then apply Ostu Thresholding segmentation technique to detect abrasion location automatically and finding its length and area. We print the range where brain abrasions are present and find the details of all such parts.


Matlab; Image Segmentation; Thersholding

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