Climate Change in the Minds of the students of Tripura

Deepak Upadhyaya


It is time Indians get concerned about climate change and global warming. Climate change is likely to have tremendously adverse impact on the Indians, as the country is vulnerable to the worst types of   climate change induced natural disasters. Not all possible consequences of climate change has been fully understood by the scientific community, but the three main categories of impacts on India are those on agriculture, sea level rise leading to submergence of coastal areas and increased frequency of extreme natural events This paper focuses on climate change which is widely recognized as one of the most important issues of the present century. But awareness of climate changes issues has been less among Indians even if the country is one of the most carbon dioxide emitting countries in the world, which ranks only after China and America. Hence, this paper attempts to assess the perceptions of climate change among the post-graduate students of Tripura and role of mass media in combating climate change.


perceptions, climate change, mass media, postgraduate students

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