A Fuzzy based Hybrid Active Harmonic Filtering using Current-Controlled, Grid-Connected DG Units with Closed-Loop Power Control

Chittelu. Deepthi, Mogadati. Uday Kiran, Abdul Wahab, A. Kasim Vali


Power system harmonics are a menace to electric power systems with disastrous consequences. The line current harmonics cause increase in losses, instability, and also voltage distortion. With the proliferation of the power electronics converters and increased use of magnetic, power lines have become highly polluted. Both passive and active filters have been used near harmonic producing loads or at the point of common coupling to block current harmonics. Shunt filters still dominate the harmonic compensation at medium/high voltage level, whereas active filters have been proclaimed for low/medium voltage ratings. In this project combination of a thyristor-controlled reactor (TCR) and a shunt hybrid power filter (SHPF) for harmonic and reactive power compensation. The SHPF is the combination of a small-rating active power filter (APF) and a fifth-harmonic-tuned LC passive filter. The tuned passive filter and the TCR form a shunt passive filter (SPF) to compensate reactive power.


Closed-Loop Power Control; Grid-Connected DG Units; Hybrid Active

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