A Novel Fuzzy Based DC–DC Boost Converter with Balanced Output & High Voltage Gain

Md f h Nizamuddin, Shareef Shaik, Abdul Ahad


A fuzzy based step up converter with high voltage gain is proposed in this paper. The proposed novel topology of the boost converter can provide almost threefold output voltage. In order to guarantee small switching losses and to eliminate the current spikes problem across the switches (which usually exists in classical converter), an inductor is used in the circuit which creates a resonant tank and assist in zero current switching (ZCS). In addition, the efficiency curve of the new converter circuit shows high value for a wide range of output power which is rare in literature. Besides, this proposed topology is free from the circuitry design complexity. In renewable energy systems like photovoltaic panels or fuel cells, where a high step up voltage is required, the proposed converter can bear its suitability.


Fuzzy Based; DC–DC Boost Converter; Balanced Output; High Voltage Gain

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