Digital Library: The YUV Component Information Based on the Image Retrieval Performance by Using Both Color and Texture Features

G. Madhavarao, K. Saidulu


Region of interest (ROI) plays an important role in image analysis. In this paper, an efficient approach for content based image retrieval combining both color and texture features using three ROIs is proposed. Region based feature have shown to be more effective than global features as they are capable of reflecting users specific interest with greater accuracy. However success of region based methods largely depends on the segmentation technique used to automatically specify the region of interest (ROI) in the query. Apart from this user can also specify ROI’s in an image. The ROI image retrieval involves the task of formulation of region based query, feature extraction, indexing and retrieval of images containing similar region as specified in the query. In this paper state-of-the-art techniques for ROI image retrieval are discussed. Firstly, segment image to three parts using K-means algorithm. Secondly, select three ROIs from the three parts and then extract color features and texture features of ROIs. The similarity of two images will be determined by the similarities between pairs of ROIs. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method is encouraging with a successful retrieval rate.


YUV; Component Information; Image Retrieval Performance; Texture Features

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