A QoS based Analysis of Disjoint Node Multipath Routing for MANET

C. Mohammed Gulza, Ragini Kashyap


Recently, QoS routing in wireless, dynamic multi-hop ad hoc networks becomes a very popular research issue, and different QoS protocols are suggested and frequently used QoS routing protocols are infrequently provide multiple and unique routes. Once links or paths break due to node mobility or sudation, establishment of new paths or routes leads to huge control overhead and increased end-to-end delay. In MANETs to support and implement multimedia applications such as audio and video requires an efficient and reliable routing protocol and improved quality of service (QoS) system. Node-Disjoint Multipath Routing Protocol (NDMR) is a practical and reliable protocol in MANETs: it trim downs routing overhead drastically and attains multiple or numerous node-disjoint routing paths. In MANETs, Quality of Service support is a very important issue as best-effort routing is not proficient for supporting and implementing multimedia applications.
This paper presents a novel adaptation of NDMR, QoS facilitating NDMR, which again introduces agent-based Service Level Agreement management. This development allows for the smart selection of node-disjoint routes or paths based on network conditions and availability, so satisfying the QoS necessities of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).



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