Wind Energy Stabilization Using SVPWM Based Modulated Power Filter Compensator

Fatehbir Singh, Shakti Singh


During the last two decades, renewable wind energy has become increasingly popular as a consequence of strong ecological concerns and appealing advantages with regard to economical energy solutions in remote communities. However, the integration of dispersed renewable wind energy will pose a great challenge to the power quality in the distribution networks A Modulated power filter compensator is one of the FACTS devices used to improve the voltage profile of wind energy conversion system against changing wind condition and varying load condition. In this paper a SVPWM MPFC controller is designed .This SVPWM MPFC Controller is used to stabilize the varying wind energy output. The proposed controller is tested on system using Matlab Simulink Environment. The results are compared with conventional PWM based MPFC controller and found that results obtained with SVPWM controller are better than that of the results with PWM based controller.


FACTS, SVPWM based controller, MPFC, PWM Wind energy

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