Re-Shaping Institutions for Industrial Dispute Settlement in Nigeria- Perspectives on the Status of the Industrial Arbitration Panel

Kooffreh Bassey Essien


This work intends to make an analysis of the Industrial arbitration panel as an institution for Trade dispute resolution in Nigeria under the Trade Dispute Act of 1990. Subsequently, an examination into the defects that has rendered the institution ineffective will be made and thereafter to proffer solution with a view to re-shaping the machinery for Trade dispute resolution in Nigeria. A comparative study of the dispute settlement mechanism in South Africa, Tanzania and the United Kingdom would be carefully appraised with a view to highlighting distinctive features common to these institutions. Furthermore, a reflection on the status of the Industrial Arbitration Panel after the National Industrial Court Act of 2006 and under the new constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (third alteration) Act 2010.  It is hereby recommended that the Industrial Arbitration Panel should be re-established in both structure and operations as a commission, independent of the state, political party, trade union or minister. More so, an independent body will hasten the ease of redress for workers in trade dispute settlement.


Institutions, Trade Dispute, Resolution, Mechanisms, Arbitration

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