Morphology and Morphometry of Female Genital System of Mizo Local Pig (Zovawk)

mrs Kalita, P.C. Kalita, P.J. Doley, F.A. Ahmed


The present investigation provides a baseline data on gross anatomy of female reproductive system of Mizo local pig (Zovawk). The organs can be divided functionally and morphologically into the ovaries, and the tubular organs, which lead from the ovaries through the pelvis to the outside. The tubular organs consist of the uterine tubes, the uterus, and the copulatory organ. The copulatory organ is subdivided into vagina, vestibule and the vulva. The uterus is apparently U-shaped and the diverging horns were long, flexuous and almost reach the caudal extremities of the ovaries. The mesovarium was long. The mesosalpinx was highly vascular, arises from the lateral surface of the mesovarium and the adjacent part of the mesometrium. It contained the uterine tube and formed a large cone-shaped ovarian bursa which concealed the ovary. The mesometrium was attached dorso-laterally to the uterine horns and corpus uteri, originating from the dorso-lateral walls of the abdominal and pelvic peritoneal cavity. The cervix uteri were not covered by peritoneum. The overall biometrical value in respect of organs of female genital system in the present study was lower than the common large breed of pigs.


Morphology, Morphometry, Female genitalsystem, Mizo local pig

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