Review on Common Failure of Gears

Ram Kumar Kunjam


Te objective of this paper to present the recent development in the field of gear failure analysis. By the help of this paper we can know about different types of failure detection and analyzing technique which is used to reduce these failure from gears. The basic reasons of gear failure misalignment of gear, spalling, pitting etc, follow the reason of gear failure. Gears generally fail when the working stress exceeds the maximum permissible stress. Advances in engineering technology in recent years have brought demands for gear teeth, which can operate at ever increasing load capacities and speeds. The gears generally fail when tooth stress exceed the safe limit. In this study the technology of gears is presented along with the various types of failure that gears have. The causes of these failures are studied. The type of stress related failure due to ( fatigue failure ) of gear tooth because of stress concentration is detailed in this thesis. it focused on the different types methodology, that is used by the various researcher in the past recent year to find out causes of failure in gear and what is final result of that to reduce the failure in gear. Gears are commonly used for transmitting power.
Keyword: gear failure; misalignment; and spalling, stress; pitting; researcher

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