Shunt Hybrid Power Filter and Thyristor-Controlled Reactor based Power Quality Improvement Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Kotte. deepthi kumari, D. kiran kumar


A Fuzzy logic controller was used to control the TCR. A nonlinear control of APF was developed for current tracking and voltage regulation. The latter is based on a decoupled control strategy, which considers that the controlled system may be divided into an inner fast loop and an outer slow one. Thus, an exact linearization control was applied to the inner loop, and a nonlinear feedback control law was used for the outer voltage loop. The simulation results are found to be quite satisfactory to mitigate harmonic distortions and reactive power compensation.

Index Terms—Harmonic Suppression; Hybrid Power filter; Modeling; Hybrid Power filter And Thyristor-Controller Dreactor (SHPF-TCR Compensator); Fuzzy Logic Controller

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