Static and Vibration Analysis of Composite Beams Using Finite Element Methods

L. Mohana Rao, Sarikonde Pushya Mitra


Beams are widely used structural members and its dynamic characteristics under loading is of great importance and vital for study. Thus, the purpose of the present thesis paper is to carry out an efficient and accurate simulation for static and modal analysis of uniform beam using Ansys. Displacement and frequencies of cantilever beam are studied with distributed as well as surface load. Composite materials have interesting properties such as high strength to weight ratio, ease of fabrication, good electrical and thermal properties compared to metals. A composite material consists of layers of a composite mixture consisting of matrix and fibers. Each layer may have similar or dissimilar material properties with different fiber orientations under varying stacking sequence. There are many open issues relating to design of these laminated composites. In this project a cantilever composite beam with both upper and lower surfaces symmetrically bonded by piezoelectric ceramic and the beam is made up of t300/976 graphite/epoxy composites.

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