Designing, Dynamic and Meshing Analysis of Planetary Gears Assembly

L. Mohana Rao, Bhukya Swarnalatha


A Machine consists of a power source and a power transmission system, which provides control application of the power. Often transmission refers simply to the gear box that uses gears and gears trains to provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device The main aim of our project is to focus on the mechanical design and analysis on assembly of gears in Planetarium gear box. Analysis is also conducted by varying the materials for gears, i.e., Titanium Alloy and cast iron. Presently used materials for gears and gear shafts are Cast Iron. In this project to replace the materials with Titanium Alloy for reducing weight of the product decrease deformation and stress factor. Total Model and Static analysis is completely analyzed by considering weight reduction in the gear box. The design is done by using CATIA software. Modeling and assembly is done in CATIA. And following gear design is imported in ANSYS and under static structure analysis, behavior of gears is studied.

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