Providing Security in Wireless Mesh networks

Maddula Bhupal Reddy, P Dayakar


In this paper we come across two issues one is anonymity and other is traceability. Anonymity provides aegis for users to relish network accommodations without being traced. Now a day’s Anonymity has received incrementing attention in the literature due to the users’ vigilance of their privacy. Anonymity-cognate issues have been extensively studied in payment-predicated systems such as e-cash and peer-to-peer (P2P) systems, little effort has been devoted to wireless mesh networks (WMNs). The network ascendancy requires conditional anonymity such that misconducting entities in the network remain traceable. So in order to provide high network security we provide a secure architecture to ascertain unconditional anonymity for veracious users and traceability of misconducting users for network ascendant entities in WMNs. This architecture strives to resolve the conflicts between the anonymity and traceability objectives. Finally the architecture assuring fundamental security requisites such as authentication, confidentiality, data integrity, and no repudiation.
Keywords—Anonymity; traceability; pseudonym; misbehavior; revocation; wireless mesh network (WMN)

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