Isolation of Salt Tolerant Rhizo bacteria and their Plant Growth Promoting Activities from Sodic Soils of Haryana

H. K. Kochar, R. Gera


In the present investigation, 20 sodic water irrigated soil and their respective water samples were collected from different salt affected districts of Haryana. The RSC, pH and ECiw of these water samples was above 2.50 me/l, 8.50 - 10.90 and 1.01 - 1.50 dS/m, respectively. Their respective soil samples were analyzed for pH, ECe, organic C, total N and total P, which varied from 8.30 - 10.50, 1.00 - 2.40 dS/m, 0.09 - 0.46%, 0.002 - 0.040% and 625 - 701 mg P/kg soil, respectively.
Key words: EC; pH; sodic soil; screening; plant growth promotion

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