Positive Sequence Admittance and Negative Sequence Conductance to Mitigate Voltage Fluctuations in DG systems by using FUZZY controller with D-STATCOM

Mahaboob unnisa, G. Poornachandra Rao


In present days, most of the distributed generations depends on renewable energy sources(such as solar or wind) due to its vast advantages. To reduce transmission &distribution costs, network congestion and losses distribution generations (DGs) are connected to micro grids for the distribution of power to the consumers. Increasing the connections of DGs causes voltage fluctuations in the distribution network due to variable output power of DGs with renewable energy sources.Voltage fluctuations are one of the power quality problems and causes severe problems in the power system network such as over loading of transformer, reducing the life time of equipment, sensitive equipment malfunctioning, system losses. This paper presents compensation of voltage fluctuations in DGs using Distributed Static synchronous Compensator (D-STATCOM) with fuzzy logic controller. Tuning control is designed to alleviate the variations of negative and positive sequence voltages whenever the disturbance occurs in the network. The results are verified by simulating the developed method in mat lab environment.
Key Words: Fuzzy Logic Controller; D-STATCOM; Distributed Generation System; Pulse Width Modulation; etc

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