Lad on Hybrid Cloud- A Novel Framework for Preserving Cloud-Based Firewall Policy Confidentiality

B. Madhurika, K. Sruthi


To bypass these issues, the following article introduces a novel framework, known as the Ladon Hybrid Cloud, for preserving cloud-based firewall policy confidentiality. It is shown that in this framework, a high level of privacy is provided thanks to leveraging an anonymized firewall approach and a hybrid cloud model. A number of optimization techniques, which help to further improve the Ladon Hybrid Cloud privacy level, are also introduced. Finally, analysis performed on the framework shows that it is possible to find a trade-off between the Ladon Hybrid Cloud privacy level, its congestion probability, and efficiency. This argument has been demonstrated through the results of conducted experiments.
Keywords:- Firewall ; Cloud computing ; Privacy; Bloom Filter

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