Face Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis

B. Ravi Chandra, A. N. Naga Jyothi


An approach to recognize a face using Principal Components Analysis based Genetic Algorithm in the area of computer vision is described in this paper. Face recognition has been one of the interesting and important research fields in the past years. Face recognition is a method by which a face is automatically identified. Facial image analysis plays an important role for human computer interaction but still now automatic face recognition is a big challenge for many applications. PCA is used to extract features from images with covariance analysis method to generate Eigen components of the images and to reduce the dimensionality. Optimization technique which is genetic algorithm gives the optimal solutions from the generated large search space. In this analysis we have used Japanese Female Facial Expression (JAFFE) face database with a result of approximately 96%.
Keywords—Principle Component Analysis; Eigen Components; Genetic Algorithm; Face Recognition; Japanese Female Facial Expression (JAFFE)

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