Biotransformation of Flavonol Rut in to Quercetin from Citrus Medica Peel by Using Bacillus Cereus

M. Parvathi Nandan, Vangalapati Meena


Quercetin and rutin are a kind of flavonoid drugs which belongs to group Flavonols. Quercetin which is produced mainly by direct extracting from Vegetables, fruits, citrus, red grapes, onions etc, or acid hydrolysing from rutin. In this experiment Bacillus cereus strain was used to transform rutin to Quercetin. Phytochemical analysis of Citrus medica peel shows that they are rich source of flavonoids. Initially Quercetin and rutin were extracted from the Citrus medica peel extract by using soxhlet extractor for 180min and methanol as solvent and later they were purified by using solvent-solvent extraction.
Keywords: Quercetin; Rutin; Bacillus Cereus; Biotransformation

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