Genetic Parameters for Yield and Quality Traits in New Plant Type Lines of Rice

Sheetal Ann Lamichhane, Miss Mohini


The present investigation was undertaken to study the variability and genetic parameters in NPT lines derived from indica X japonica Sub species of rice for yield and quality traits. Analysis of variance indicated variation is present in the observed characters of NPT lines as the mean sum of squares due to genotype was significant for all the characters. High PCV and GCV were found for characters viz., number of productive tillers, harvest index, spikelet density, filled spikelet, panicle weight, and biological yield per plant. High heritability coupled with high GA as percent of mean was observed for characters viz., Biological yield per plant, filled spikelet, spikelet fertility, panicle index, panicle weight, grain yield, total spikelet, harvest index, and spikelet density which indicates that the additive gene has the major role in the expression of these characters and can be further used for the crop improvement by selecting such characters
Key Words: GA; GCV; Heritability; NPT lines; PCV and Variability

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