Attribute Based Secure Data Retrieval System for Decentralized Disruption Tolerant Military Networks

Naresh vadlapudi, Syed Baji


There are partitions in military environments such as a battlefield or a hostile region. They are likely to suffer from intermittent network connectivity. They are having frequent partitions. Disruption-tolerant network DTN technologies are is a true and easy solutions.DTN is a Disruption-tolerant network. It allows devices which are wireless and carried by peoples in a military to interact with each other. These devices access the confidential information or command reliably by exploiting external storage nodes. In these networking environments DTN is very successful technology. When there is no wired connection between a source and a destination device, the information from the source node may need to wait in the intermediate nodes for a large amount of time until the connection would be correctly established. One of the challenging approach is a ABE. That is attribute-based encryption which fulfills the requirements for secure data retrieval in DTNs. The concept is Cipher text Policy ABE (CP-ABE).it gives a appropriate way of encryption of data. The encryption includes the attribute set that the decryption needs to possess in order to decrypt the cipher text. Hence, many users can be allowed to decrypt different parts of data according to the security policy.

Keywords- Military Networks; Encryption; Decryption; DTN; CP-ABE

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