Real time ARM Controller based Patient Monitoring System using android App

D. Venka Reddy, Y. Sreenivasulu


In this paper we present an electronic system to perform a non-invasive measurement of the blood pressure based on the oscillometric method, which does not suffer from the limitations of the well-known auscultatory one. With reference to other similar devices, a great improvement of our measurement system is achieved since it performs the transmission of the systolic and diastolic pressure values to a remote computer. This aspect is very important when the simultaneous monitoring of multi-patients is required. Blood pressure readings with help of developed algorithm has been calculated and transmitted via Bluetooth kit to the stationary computer. Numerical reading values of systolic and diastolic blood pressure remotely recorded and displayed with help of LCD as well stationary computer.

Index Terms - continuous blood pressure; monitoring system; wireless; Biosensors; Bioelectronics

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