Secure Data Communication between Two Army Stations

Katti Rajesh Khanna, Yerraboina Sreenivasulu


Nowadays confidential data transfer is a crucial task in many multinational companies, military departments, intelligence and surveillance departments, and so on. In such departments and companies lots of efforts are put forth for securing confidential data. Therefore, they need Data encryption and decryption for their applications. An example, which is given below describes data encryption and decryption to secure data using Zigbee wireless communication technology for short distances. A popular way to protect data is to encrypt the data while sending and decrypt it while receiving to regain the original message. Before transmitting, the data is converted into unreadable format, and then the data is encrypted and decrypted in the receiver end to get the original message. Let us demonstrate the project in brief with the help of a block diagram given below.
Keywords: ARM7 LPC2148; Zigbee; LCD display

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