Back-Propagation Control Algorithm for Power Quality Improvement Using UPFC

Rachapudi Vinod Kumar, Dr. P. Sujatha, Dr. R. Kiranmayi


This project exhibits the execution of a three stage distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) by utilizing a back propagation (BP) control algorithm for its capacities, for example, load balancing and reactive power compensation zero voltage regulation under nonlinear loads .For the extraction of the crucial weight estimation of dynamic here we are utilizing BP-based control algorithm. And BP based control algorithm is also used for the estimation of receptive power parts of burden streams which are required for the estimation of reference source streams.Control of power quality devices by neural networks is a latest research area in filed of power engineering.Extraction of harmonic components decides the performance of compensating devices.Here we are using DSTATCOM and UPFC as compensating devices.A model of DSTATCOM is created utilizing a computerized signal processor, and its execution is concentrated on under different working conditions.

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