Implementation of Personalized Web Search Using Learned User Profiles

M. Vanitha, P.V Kishan Rao


With increasing number of websites the Web users are increased with the massive amount of data available in the internet which is provided by the Web Search Engine (WSE). Personalized web search (pws) refers to search experiences that are tailored specifically to an individual's interests by incorporating information about the individual beyond specific query provided. Which is involving modifying the user’s query and the other re-ranking search results.[1] Generally WSE is to provide the relevant search result to the user with the behavior of the user click were they performed. WSE provide the relevant result on behalf of the user frequent click based method. From this method no assurance to the user privacy and also no securities were providing to their data. Hence users were afraid for their private information during search has become a major barrier. They were many techniques were proposed by researchers most of that based on the server side, it has provide less security. For minimizing the privacy risk here propose the client side based technique with the combination of Greedy method to prevent the user data that we applied in Knowledge mining area. Proposed framework called UPS that can adaptively generalize profiles by queries while respecting user’s privacy requirements. Proposed work consists two greedy algorithms, namely GreedyDP and GreedyIL, for runtime generalization.
Index Terms— Privacy Protection; profile; personalized web search; risk; UPS

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