Comparative study of Neural and Time domain Based Control Techniques for Shunt Active Power Filter MATLAB and Simulink

Nitin P Thamke, Amit Akkewar


Utilization of nonlinear burden expanding step by step in this manner expanding the consonant substance in force framework. The evacuation of sounds is critical issue and compelling approach to repay music is Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF).Heart of SAPF is reference current era system. Number of control calculations for reference current era have been produced. This paper presents three diverse reference current era methods viz. Simulated Neural Network (ANN) hypothesis, Symmetrical Component Method (SCM) and Instantaneous p-q-r Theory (IPQR) approach. Every one of the three procedures are examined numerically first and after that it is reproduced and investigated in MATLAB stage. It is assessed considering all out consonant bending (THD).Simulation results exhibit the execution of framework and it is appeared in paper.

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