Analysis of IEEE 802.11a standard performance in mobile environment

Thota Ambika, Ravi Kumar Kota


The IEEE802.11a standard uses Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM). It can provide data rate up to 54 Mbps in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN’s). This standard is used in indoor applications as well as in vehicles i.e. mobile environments. In this paper, we evaluate Bit Error Rate (BER) by changing the number of pilots such as 2 4 6 8 velocity and b.e.r is graphed using multiple modulation schemes such as QPSK, and 256QAM. The overall simulation has been performed using MATLAB as the simulation tool.
Keywords: IEEE 802.11a; WAVE; Wireless Access for the Vehicular Environment; wireless LAN; mobile/wireless systems for transportation; experimental performance

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