A Carrier-Based Neutral Voltage Modulation Strategy for Eleven Level Cascaded Inverter under Unbalanced Dc Sources

Yarramsetti Veera Manikanta Swamy, A. Suryanarayana Babu


This paper proposes a pulsewidth-modulation strategy to achieve balanced line-to-line output voltages and to maxi- mize the modulation index in the linear modulation range where the output voltage can be linearly adjusted in the multilevel cascaded inverter (MLCI) operating under unbalanced dc-link conditions. In these conditions, the linear modulation range is reduced, and a significant output voltage imbalance may occur as voltage references increase. In order to analyze these effects, the voltage vector space for MLCI is evaluated in detail. From this analysis, the theory behind the output voltage imbalance is explained, and the maximum linear modulation range considering an unbalanced dc-link condition is evaluated. After that, a neutral voltage modulation strategy is proposed to achieve output volt- age balancing as well as to extend the linear modulation range up to the maximum reachable point in theory. In the proposed method, too large of a dc-link imbalance precludes the balancing of the output voltages. This limitation is also discussed. Both the simulations and the experiments for a Eleven-level phase-shifted modulated MLCI for electric vehicle traction motor drive show that the proposed method is able to balance line-to-line output voltages as well as to maximize the linear modulation range under the unbalanced dc-link conditions.
Index Terms—Harmonic injection; multilevel cascaded invert- ers (MLCIs); neutral voltage modulation (NVM); phase-shifted (PS) modulation; space vector pulsewidth modulation (PWM) (SVPWM)

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