An Review on Crime-Softech System for Sewagram Police Station

Rahul Bambodkar, Priyanka Kohad, Shreyash Talwekar


To provide the excellent and efficient services to the police department, the proposed system introduces one innovative idea for the Police Station named as “AN OVERVIEW ON CRIME-SOFTECH SYSTEM FOR SEWAGRAM POLICE STATION”.The existing systems used by Sewagram Police Station is fully complex with manual work, it takes to much efforts to find particular records of a criminals and there may be possibility to loss any record which is written on particular paper. These records are therefore susceptible to destruction from pests and uncensored manipulation by both authorized and unauthorized person. This crude method has resulted in problems in the areas of authenticity, security, retrieval, storage, and exchange of information. The proposed interface is used to extract useful information from the vast crime database maintained by Police Station, find crime records using crime data mining techniques such as clustering.
Keywords: Crime Data Mining; Police System; First Information Report (FIR); Clustering.

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