Solar Smart Classrooms by Using at Mega 328 Microcontroller

Pravin R. Bodade, Ashish S. Balpande, Ashwini G. Kumare, Kartik R. Bhudke, Pranali P. Deshmukh


Today, “Electricity is one of the largest requirements and this requirement of electricity is one of the biggest problems”. So, it is very essential to give emphasis on power saving. So we are proposing a Solar based system which will reduce unnecessary bill of electricity and also provide light to the area like classroom where we have to use electricity in days. This system can effectively work in areas where electricity is excessively used especially, during day time in college classrooms where all work done in the day time and in between 9AM to 5PM. The working of system is in real time it will contain solar panel which harvest the energy from sun and provide to lights. The real time clock will ON and OFF the load according to timing and can be set with help of remote controlled. In absence of solar light system will run on battery and if that not possible it will switch to AC mains supply. The proposed system will remain OFF when there is no presence of human being and will activate upon the arrival of human being in specified area. This presence will be detected by sensor at input side. One of the biggest utility concerns is the fact that by detecting the presence of person whenever enters in the area of corridor of premises, the light and fan will remain in ON state, otherwise it will remain OFF. The switching action of LED light will take place by using MOSFET. This entire process is controlled by Microcontroller.
Index Terms-Solar Panel; At mega 328 Microcontroller; PIR Sensor; DS1307 RTC; Voltage Sensor and battery; LCD Display; MOSFET

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