Raspberry Pi Controlled Robotic Arm

Nitisha Srivastava, Jonathan Joshi


This paper represents controlling a Robotic arm via Raspberry pi through remote access. People tend to believe that robots are suitable for industrial use or just by scientist to test different technologies. But there are various other ways and technologies which are based on robots and can be used in our day. They have been used for various purposes like spying on people in ways people can't move and from views humans can't reach, Going far down into the unknown waters , they can capture moments just too fast for the human eye to get, for example the Atlas detector in the LHC project can capture ~ 600000 frames per second while we can see at about 60. They are mostly automated so they can go around by themselves without any human interference. They can help us with normal household chores. This paper presents the development of Robotic arm controlled by Raspberry pi. The movement of the robot arm is controlled by raspberry pi remotely. This paper will demonstrate how robotic arm can be controlled remotely. And similarly how we can make a robot work remotely for other chores.
Keywords—Raspberry pi; robotic arm; Remote access; Python script; Mob Xterm

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