Requirements Elicitation technique specification for higher quality using ontology

Priyanka Putla, M. Chandra Mohan


Requirements Elicitation (RE) techniques play a crucial role in information systems development processes. There are many excellent techniques of RE to assist requirements analysts and stakeholders in producing requirements specification of higher quality, and some of them are put into practice in industry. However, one of the issues of these RE techniques is that they do not handle semantic aspects of requirements. If we can deal with the meaning of requirements by using automated techniques, we can get more effective RE techniques to produce requirements specifications of higher quality. In this paper, we consider an ontology as a semantic domain so as to provide the meaning for requirements, and discuss the potentials of the RE techniques using an ontology as a semantic basis. We provide the semantics for goal descriptions written in natural language using a mapping from them to ontology.
Index Terms:- Elicitation; Requirements; domain; ontology.

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