Improving the Performance of Wireless Sensor Networks- A Survey

Ch. Sudha, A. Nagesh


Technology is growing every day and changing rapidly, the transformation of life in this technology dominated world is also faster. We have seen different technology trends in the recent past like Personal Computer, Mobile Phones, Smart Devices and the upcoming wave like IoT. In these technology trends we live in an environment filled with sensors which we use for multiple purposes like to monitor the temperature, engine performance, fuel capacity, smoke, fire alarms, security monitoring and information exchange to name a few. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) plays a vital role in these areas and the efficiency of the product/concept depends on the performance of WSN sensors. This paper presents literature survey to improve the performance of WSN in two aspects.
(i). Nowadays sensor networks with WiFi communication are deployed widely .In Wifi the access point(AP) polls the nodes individually to schedule uplink transmission time results in a large latency. This paper presents MAC mechanisms in WSN communication enabled by WiFi to improve the uplink throughput of WSN in order to improve the performance of WSN.(ii).Recently cross layer operational model has been proposed to improve the performance of WSN. This paper is a literature survey on MAC mechanisms in WSN communication enabled by WiFi, cross layer operational model design for WSN to improve the performance of WSN.
Index Terms:- cross layer operational model; MAC; Wi-Fi

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