Analysis of a dual mode wide-band switching reconfigurable oscillator for optimal frequency applications

k Suganthi, A. Sunanda


The voltage range of integrated oscillators will be excess than desired due to process and temperature variations, which will lead to phase-noise. In this paper a dual-mode LC-tank based VCO with active core reconfiguration is designed to allow two distinct modes of operation, with different oscillation frequencies which reduces phase noise with tuning ranges of 28% .The design is implemented in a 180nm CMOS technology and simulated using Advanced Design System tool, with measured tuning ranges of 56.9 GHz to 65.4 GHz, and 64.6 GHz to 75.3 GHz in the two modes respectively. This design ensures the overlapping of two oscillation mode frequency spans to reduce each frequency span phase noise problem. This design is very useful and recommended for radar applications.
Index Terms --- Dual-mode oscillator; phase noise; tuning range; varactor; VCO

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