Dynamic Stability Improvement of PMSG-Based Wind Turbine Generators Fed to a Power System Using PID controller

R pavan kumar, Dawood shaik, Abdul ahad


This paper presents the stability-improvement results of four parallel-operated offshore wind turbine generators (WTGs) connected to an onshore power system using a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM). In this project have the fast advance of high-capacity power-electronics technology, large commercial wind turbine generators can be practically employed to contribute high generated power to power systems, where wind PMSGs with full back to-back converters have proven to be good choices for high-power WTGs. Basically, the grid side converter of the PMSG-based WTG can be operated as a STATCOM. Many manufacturers also provide this option even for the case when the WTG is not running. But in a real PMSG-based OWF, It has several PMSG-based WTGs operating together, and it is difficult to control reactive power of all WTGs at the same time to supply adequate reactive power to the system. Hence, to guarantee good power quality (PQ) of the system, an additional VAR compensator is\ required. In this project, a STATCOM is proposed as a VAR compensator. It can be concluded from the simulation results that the proposed STATCOM joined with the designed damping controller can effectively improve the stability of the studied SG-based onshore power system under various disturbance conditions .The results are obtained from the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.
Keywords: Dynamic stability; permanent-magnet synchronous generator (PMSG); static synchronous compensator; MATLAB; wind turbine generator (WTG).

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