An Investigation on Gas Turbine with Mathematical Equations

Geetanjali Gilhotra, Balwant Singh, Nitin Rana


This paper was displayed the Mathematical investigation of thermodynamic execution on gas turbine power plant. The variety of working conditions (pressure proportion, turbine gulf and fumes temperature, air to fuel proportion, isentropic compressor and turbine effectiveness, and encompassing temperature) on the execution of gas turbine (warm effectiveness, compressor work, power, particular fuel utilization, heat rate) were examined. The expository recipe for the particular work and productivity were determined what's more, broke down. The programming of execution model for gas turbine was created using the MATLAB programming and mathematical equations. The outcomes demonstrate that the pressure proportion, encompassing temperature, air to fuel proportion and also the isentropic efficiencies are emphatically impact on the warm effectiveness. Moreover, the warm productivity and force yield diminishes straightly with expansion of the encompassing temperature and air to fuel proportion. In any case, the particular fuel utilization and warmth rate increments straightly with expansion of both surrounding temperature and air to fuel proportion. Along these lines the thermodynamic parameters on cycle execution are financially achievable and valuable for the gas turbine operations.
Key words: Gas turbine; compression ratio; air to fuel ratio; thermal efficiency; power; turbine inlet temperature.

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