An Approach for Image Demosaicing Using Content based Strategy

Ramandeep Kaur, Ravneet kaur Sidhu, Jitender Pal Saini


During an image capture process, a camera performs various including white balance adjustment, auto-focus, color interpolation, color correction, compression and more. In about 10 years, the camera market has grown rapidly to exceed film camera sales. Color images require multiple data samples for every pixel instead of grayscale images for which a pixel is represented by only 1 data sample. For the RGB image format, these data samples represent three color ( red, green and blue) channels A typical digital camera captures only one of these simple channels at each pixel location and the other two must be estimated to generate the whole color information. This technique is known as color filter array (CFA) interpolation or demosaicing. The key objective of this paper is to study and analyze the existing techniques such as bilinear interpolation, constant hue based interpolation and the other ones and to provide the insufficiencies existing in these techniques. In this paper content adaptive strategy is implemented because this strategy contently classify the images, produces high quality images and utilizes the correlation between different planes. This strategy is simple not complicated.
Index Terms — Demosaicing; interpolation; ADRC; Color filter array; content clssification.

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