Motivation as an Instruments of Performance in Edo State Civil Service

Ajayi Adeola


           The study examined motivation as an instrument of performance Edo State Civil Service. It also identified the motivational strategies that exist in Edo State Civil Service. In addition, the degree of implementation of these motivational strategies in Edo State Civil Service was examined as well as the effectiveness of the identified motivational strategies on the productivity of the Civil Servants in Edo State.

            The study used both primary provision of working tools are motivational mechanisms adopted by the Edo State Civil Service towards increase in employees’ productivity.

            The finding of the study revealed that job satisfaction level of staffs of Edo State civil Service is affected or determined by a number of factors which include wages and salary, pension and gratuity, promotion work environment and the work condition. The study also revealed that the Edo State Civil Service motivational strategies like prompt payment of salary and granting of housing and car loans are poorly implemented. The study posits that the morale and initiatives of the Edo State Civil Servants is dampened due to the improper implementation of these motivational strategies which may not at all times be disconnected from politics of favoritism and nepotism.

            The study concluded that employers should be able to help employees see that the organization can help them satisfy their needs and utilize their potentials to contribute to the achievement of the organizational goal. Workers are affected by different needs at different times; this means that individual worker is motivated differently. Also, those human needs could be interdependent and overlapping. The government should Endeavour to integrate goals of the organization with those of its employees and continue to adopt the supportive management technique.


Motivation as an Instruments, Edo State Civil Service, Public Administration, motivational strategies, productivity of the Civil Servants

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