Green Droid-An Android application for energy Optimization

Jayashri Khedkar, Sonali Mukhekar, Ganesh Hiwale, S. Pratap Singh


In the advancing world of technology, Mobile applications are a rapidly growing segment of the global mobile market. As the Android operating system is getting more popular, the application based on Android SDK attracts much more attention. Many Android applications are not energy efficient. In this paper, energy inefficiency problem and GreenDroid application which is developed for the automatic energy optimization in Android phone are discussed.
Google released Android which is an open-source mobile phone operating system with Linux-based platform. It consists of the operating system, middleware, and user interface and application software. Certainly, Android is about to become the most widely used OS on mobile phones, but with Android comes an energy inefficiency problem. Because of large number of installed applications and unutilized sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data etc takes unnecessary battery power of Android phone. GreenDroid application is useful for solve such energy inefficiency problem, it provides automatic energy optimization in phone. In this application, there are different types of energy saving modes. In this paper, the basic introduction of Android and GreenDroid application development is discussed.

Keywords: Android OS; Applications; Energy inefficiency problem; Sensors; GreenDroid; Energy optimization.

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