A Novel System to Increased Security of Audio Data Using Digital Images

Neeta Pingale, Shweta Khedkar, Bhau Gawade, Ritesh Thakur


Steganography is an art of hiding information in a host signal. The goal of steganographic systems is to obtain secure and robust way to conceal high rate of secret data. It is very important to hide the secret data efficiently, as many attacks made on the data communication. The host signal can be a still image, speech or video and the message signal that is hidden in the host signal can be a text image or an audio signal.
The cryptography concept is used for locking the secret message in the cover file. The cryptography makes the secret message not understood unless the decryption key is available. It is related with constructing and analyzing various methods that overcome the influence of third parties. A symmetric key is developed which consists of reshuffling and secret arrangement of secret signal data bits in cover signal data bits. We have performed the encryption process on secret speech signal data bits-level to achieve greater strength of encryption which is hidden inside the cover image. The encryption algorithm applied with embedding method is the robust secure method for audio data hiding.
Keywords:—Cryptography; Encryption; Secret signal; Cover signal; Secret key.

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