Street Lights Controlling System Using IOT

Vaishali Gupta, Santosh Surnar, Krutika Thakur, Ritesh Thakur


These range from controlling a circuit of street lights and/or individual lights with specific ballasts and network operating protocols. These may include sending and receiving instructions via separate data networks, at high frequency over the top of the low voltage supply or wireless. Since the cost of electricity continues to rise and as wasting energy is a growing concern for public and authorities, it’s becoming crucial that municipalities, highway companies and other streetlight owners deploy control systems to dim the lights at the right light level at the right time, to automatically identify lamp and electrical failures and enable real time control. This project describes a new economical solution of street light control systems. We want to provide IP address to street lights (IOT) so that the base server can control the whole city’s street lights using internet. The main motive behind implementing this project is to save energy.
Keywords: - Internet of things (IOT); Street lights; Google Maps.

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