Integration of Towing Abandoned Vehicles with Number Plate Recognition System

Jasud Sandhya, Palande Shraddha, Chavan Amruta, Shinde Sujata, Pratap S Singh


E-government, necessity for good and corruption free nation, means by using information and communication technologies, especially internet, to achieve better government by delivering public services and processing internal works in government in a much more suitable, customer leaning and cost effective. Like other e-government related services e-police system is also an e-government related service which makes the communication process a possibility, a great success for modern era with increasing the professional efficiency for the government’s police administrations. We proposed a design of e-police system for traffic police to help towing management. Basically, owner has no problem if its abandoned vehicle is getting carried by traffic police, but he/she wanted a notification of same. So that user will not get panic and his vehicle will be safe. We wanted to provide a good solution to this problem via integrating this with image processing.Our work will definitely help the police system in making the police work more efficient.
Keywords: Number plate localization; Morphological operation; Character segmentation; Thresholding; Edge detection.

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