Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Diagonal-Braced Frames

Kore P. N., Swami P. S., Vardhman R. R., Kulkarni J. G.


Braced frames widen their resistance to lateral forces by the bracing action of inclined members. The braces stimulate forces in the associated beams and columns so that all work as one like a truss with all members subjected to stresses that are for the most part axial. This axial reaction results in less moments and in turn smaller sizes of beams and column sections compared to moment resisting frames. This paper presents the elastic seismic response of reinforced concrete frames with reinforced concrete bracing member in diagonally braced pattern which are analyzed numerically for twelve storey building with 5-bay structures. This approach focuses on the arrangements of diagonal braces in a particular bay, level and combinations thereof to reduce the lateral displacement ultimately to achieve an economy in comparison with similar moment resisting frames. Results are concluded from graphs and discussed comprehensively.
Keywords—Bare Frames; Baywise Braced Frames; Levelwise Braced Frames; Diagonally Braced Frames; Concentrically Braced Frames (CBF); Outriggers

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