Design and Implementation of E-Surveillance Robot Using Raspberry Pi

Rampal Preeti B., Lokhande Mayur S., Gawale Pragati V., Lathkar Yogesh V.


Machine vision nothing this is the one type of vision of the machine to see the actual object & it behave like human being .If machine wants to see some object with specific feature detection then it need to interface some camera module with the machine . By using different type of object detection algorithm machine can identify the object. Based on the algorithm used it is possible to detect the object. Also if object detection is done based on this machine wants to perform the particular task like to start & stop the robot module. Whole system based on ARM 11 raspberry pi B+. The object detection & tracking it needs to use the Open CV software to process the live video streaming. E-Surveillance robot is nothing but it having the camera module on the top it is used to see the surveillance view & send this data to the user on the specific IP address. Also the robot movement control by using the algorithm. It is also possible to control the speed of the robot using PWM technique. The Wireless control of the Robot is possible using the Wi-Fi Adaptor module connected with the raspberry pi module The Robot does the surveillance by live video streaming through WiFi & detecting the live human body detection.

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