Wsn for Green House Monitoring Using Anti-Collision Algorithm

Vishnu D. Malgunde, Raman B. Kulkarni, Pramod K. Gharbudave, Deepa Pandit


Greenhouse cultivation is growing popularity amongst farmers. Since these cultivation give promising outputs, it is necessary to maintain the variables Temp, Humidity, Gas, Soil Moisture in the desired limits to gain maximum output. In conventional greenhouse farmers need to monitor and regulate these variables manually making the job hectic, increasing the labor cost and less efficient. Hence to overcome these problems we have proposed these technology which will monitor and regulate Temp, Humidity, Gas and water level of the tank. Also in the automated monitoring system it is necessary to enhance the time of transmitting data and to avoid the collision amongst the data of different units. Hence we have developed the WSN for green house monitoring using Anti-collision Algorithm. ZigBee is used for wsn, the zigbee network transmits data at high speed and for higher range. Also the cost of this network comparatively less. The Anti-collision Algorithm provides a benefit of using multiple sensing units under single system making the technology simple to use. Hence a single person can handle this system, reducing the labor cost.
Keywords: Greenhouse monitoring; AVR; humidity; temperature; wireless sensor network (wsn); ZigBee; soil moistures; gas.

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