Quad Copter with Rover

Shravankumar S. Jannam, Siddhesh S. Tendle, Sujit Wagh


The implementation of an experiment named Quadcopter with attached rover is been described. Quadcopter is also referred to as Autonomous Flying Vehicle (AFV) or Unmanned Arial vehicle (UAV) are generally thought of as being costlier and difficult. An easy and low cost quadcopter would give an attractive alternative to several application. This research shows that the quad copter system can fly by maintaining its stability and balancing along with the rover attached to it. Rover is attached to quadcopter for navigating it along the ground. When battery is not sufficient to fly the copter at that time, rover can easily utilize the remaining battery by moving on the ground to complete its task. Maximum flying time of quadcopter is 8-9 minute by using 4000 mAh lithium polymer battery and flying time can be increased by enhancing battery capacity. The main applications of such drones could include: surveillance, air paramedics, search and rescue operation, space research and monitoring, etc.
Keywords: Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV); Electronics speed controller (ESC); Rotation per minute (RPM); Brushless DC (BLDC); Milli Ampere Hour (mAh); Dual tone multiple frequency (DTMF).

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