Automatic Fuel Checker and Theft Indication for Automobile

Santosh S. Bhandari, Anita P. Ichake, Vidyanjali N. Sayambar, Ashish M. Maske


There is no maintenance of actual record of fuel filled and fuel consumption in vehicles. To avoid this we are implementing a ARM based fuel monitoring and vehicle tracking system. We have used the reed switch which works according to the principle of Hall Effect which sense the amount of fuel filled in the vehicle and amount of fuel consumed. This system stores the record for several logs[ 1]. we have used the GSM technology to track the vehicle. In this paper, the implementation of embedded control system based on the ARM is presented. The embedded control system can achieve many tasks like effective fleet management, such as fuel monitoring,antithefting, vehicle tracking. Using GMS vehicle tracking technology and viewing interactive maps enable us to see where it was losing money, time and wasting fuel. GSM system is installed in the vehicle for sending the information to the owner of the vehicle. costs of Fuel is rising constantly so it challenge fleet operators to maintain movement of vehicles and monitor driver behavior to avoid delaying traffic conditions by either, combining deliveries, reconfiguring routes or rescheduling timetables. This helps to maximize the number of deliveries while minimizing time and distance. Escalating oil prices are increasing costs for many businesses, particularly those with large vehicle fleets, adding a powerful financial impetus to the search for fuel efficiencies. Implementing real-time vehicle tracking as part of a commercial company’s mobile resource management policy is essential for comprehensive operational control, remote driver security and fuel savings.

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