Investigation of the performance of Diesel engine fuelled with Sesame oil Biodiesel under various Injection timing

Bhavana Singh, Sanjay Yadav


Emission  norms,  Energy  Crisis  and  environment  degradation  due  to  pollutants  from

automotive vehicles lead us to find the suitable alternative for petro-diesel. Non edible and edible grade vegetable oils are predominant feedstock for biodiesel production. Obviously biodiesel production from edible oil results in the high price of biodiesel. Realistically, non- edible oils only cannot meet the demand of energy consumption therefore, it has to be supplemented from some edible oils. Injection timing is altered by either addition or removal shims in pump. In this work a complete analysis on the performance of diesel engine using Sesame Oil Biodiesel has been carried out at various injection timings. The effect of varying injection timing with B50 blend of biodiesel has been carried out in terms of brake thermal efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption, hydrocarbons,  SmokeThe performance and emission of blends of biodiesel are compared with diesel.

Keywords – B50; Brake Specific Fuel Consumption; Brake thermal efficiency; Brake Power, Smoke Opacity.

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