A Temporal Study of Human Resources Development in the Akole Tahasil

Gadekar Deepak Janardhan, P. H. Mhaske


Human resources are the greatest advantages of every nation. Man is producer, saver and consumer of resources thus he is not only the receiver of the total process development and utilization, but also the most strong and dynamic agent of production. Therefore, population is the essential element from which resources characteristic taking their significance and such human resources are playing very important role in its economic development. Human Resource Development is the process of growing, developing knowledge, the skills and the capabilities of the human. Human Resources Development is a structure for the development of human capital which is surrounded by a society during the development of together the society and the person to achieve presentation development. The main aim of these analyses is to focus on temporal variation and growth in the levels of Human Resource Development. In the first criteria  is demographic, there are 04demographic variables, related to census 1991 and 2011 are selected, second variables related in occupation sectors there are 07elements selected and lastly HRD related variable agricultural sectors there are 04 elements  selected to study the Human Resource Development. 

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