Anti-Theft and Odd & Even Pollution Control Challan System

Arun Kumar, Deepanshu Parihar, Sahil Dawar, Ketan Aggarwal, Monish Shibu


This Project is a critically thought, genuine idea to combat the rising problem of pollution in Delhi due to vehicular emissions from private vehicles, especially cars. We came up with this idea after the declaration of odd-even scheme for private vehicles by the Delhi Government under the directive of Delhi High Court. In this system we identify even and odd vehicles automatically which are displayed in LCD. The system automatically checks the status and sends the information to the traffic control police and cuts the challan. In message we send vehicle id, user identity. The system identifies whether the vehicle is valid or not. The RC chip installed in the vehicle is checked and using it the system determines if it has been registered in the police database to be stolen or invalid due to any reason. If so the vehicle can be seized and notification sent to the owner thus ensuring the safe return of the vehicle to its owner. Hence this system provides perfect solution of antitheft security system.

When applied on a large scale this system will not only control the pollution levels due to automated regulation of odd and even numbered car but will also provide additional anti-theft measures.

Keywords: RFID module; GSM module; RFID tag; pollution sensor.

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